Organization Helps Change The World With Coffee

You can make a difference in the world every day, simply by purchasing coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters of Vermont is introducing Heifer Hope Blend, a new organic coffee whose sales will help improve the lives of small-scale coffee farmers in Guatemala. Forty cents of every bag purchased will be given to Heifer International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting hunger worldwide.

The partnership between Heifer and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will bring needed assistance to impoverished farmers of the La Voz area in San Juan la Laguna and other communities in Guatemala.

Coffee prices today are so low that many small-scale farmers are unable to make a living growing coffee. With Heifer’s help, the farmers at La Voz will learn to grow certified organic, shade-grown premium coffee. Green Mountain Coffee then will buy the coffee from the farmers at fair-trade prices – a guaranteed wage that is higher than what the farmers would get on the conventional market – and roast and package it as Heifer Hope Blend.

The farmers will earn a premium price and Heifer will extend its work to more poor families.

With the money earned by Heifer Hope Blend, Heifer also will help coffee-growing families diversify their sources of income by giving them livestock – cows, goats and other income-producing farm animals. This extra income means better nutrition, housing, health care and education.

Since 1944, Heifer has helped millions of impoverished families move toward self-reliance by

providing them with livestock and earth-friendly agricultural training. Heifer then asks the families to “pass on the gift” by donating their animals’ offspring to others, thereby helping to lift entire communities out of poverty.

Green Mountain Coffee has made a commitment to social responsibility and the environment

as well, annually setting aside 5 percent of its pre-tax profits to support charitable causes.

“We are truly excited about partnering with socially and environmentally responsible corporations such as Green Mountain Coffee,” said Cynthia Hester, Heifer’s director of corporate partnerships. “It’s important that nonprofits find new ways of encouraging companies to extend their values into the nonprofit world.”

Thinking of Using Homemade Colon Cleanse

A homemade colon cleanse might seem like the ideal way to regain power over your health, particularly if you have been experiencing the after-effects of a poor diet, insufficient exercise and the general stresses and strains of our every day modern life. While there is little doubt that a sluggish digestive system can wreak havoc on your sense of well being, is finding out how to make our own homemade colonic remedy the answer?

The sometimes overwhelming presence of the Internet in our daily lives can make us feel as though the answer to how to make just about anything is right there at our fingertips. From building home electronic equipment to baking a cake, it isn’t difficult to find a how-to guide for just about anything. And while serving our family up a batch of burned scones might not be a life-threatening affair, creating our own home remedy for colon cleansing can be more dangerous.

Medical training takes so long for a very good reason – because the human body can be a complex thing. We each, however, own and operate one, so it can be easy to think that we are qualified to deal with each and every aspect of its maintenance, including the creation of our own homemade colon cleansing diet. While tweaking our diet every once in a while to help maintain optimal colon health is no bad thing, discovering how to make home colonics can cross into more tricky territory.

Just because something is homemade, this doesn’t mean it can’t be potent. And while we might engage ourselves in home colon cleansing in the hope of a potent response, we must remember that we might not earn the one we would hope for. Don’t let the name of ‘natural ingredients’ fool you – there are some powerful herbs in our own kitchens than can not only offer us a great homemade colon cleanse, but can unbalance our fragile digestive systems when used incorrectly.

A homemade colonic can be a wonderful way to empty your digestive tract of the build up of debris that might just be wearing you out, but do remember that colon cleansing is a powerful procedure, and can cause adverse effects when used improperly. A wealth of information exists on the topic, but to ensure your continued health and well being, be sure to use this information responsibly.

Always verify anything you read on making a home remedy colon cleanse with another source, and check with your doctor or alternative health practitioner if in any doubt. Millions of people report the wonderful effects that colon cleansing can bring – make sure you don’t become a part of an uncomfortable, or pained, minority by performing your homemade colon cleanse safely.

Do You Know How to Lose Weight Naturally?

Natural colon cleansing will make you feel lighter and cleaner inside out.

More often than not, natural colon cleansing means following a colon cleansing diet along with taking some colon cleansing supplements which may include herbs which are known to kill parasites and worms, contain digestive enzymes, contain probiotics [beneficial bacteria’s], contain herbs that stimulate liver, gallbladder and intestines, also psyllium husk or seeds, Cascara Sagrada, or flax seeds, or slippery elms, and others.

This natural colon cleansing process ultimately allows the healing of this most sensitive tissue so that it may perform optimally while increasing the liver production of bile and secretions from the glands of the intestinal tract.

The are literally hundreds of different benefits of colon cleansing, all of which you should be aware of in order to be able to fully understand the importance of colon cleansing in general and how critical it is for you to include it in your regular routine. One of the primary benefits of colon cleansing is that it improves the functioning of the colon and is helpful in alleviating or preventing constipation. The benefits of a colon detox are many, including an improved immune system, increased energy, clear skin, reduction in headaches and improved bowel functions.

Despite of what you may think of your daily bowel movements, many people are not aware of the fact that they need a good colon cleansing like Dual-Action Cleanse.

A Good Look At Coffee Enemas As An Essential Part Of Gerson Therapy

Most people who suffer from degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart problem, and arthritis believe contemporary medication is their only hope for a cure. What these people often do not realise though are the adverse effects of drugs, which can be damaging to the health of patients. If you are looking for a chemical-free alternative to treat or prevent any serious medical condition, then you are in the right place.

Introducing the Gerson Treatment

Many people treat and prevent diseases with Gerson Coffee and for a good reason. The latter is a natural treatment choice for a degenerative illness which promotes recovery through raw juices, a plant-based diet, natural supplements and coffee enemas. The technique with Gerson Treatment is to reactivate the body’s self-healing ability, with no side effects.

The treatment was developed by Dr Max Gerson in the 1930s to treat his migraines and later to deal with diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and cancer.

What sets The Gerson Treatment apart from other natural treatment alternatives is that it deals with the origin of degenerative diseases – dietary shortage and toxicity, not the signs.

How does it work?

The Gerson Therapy brings back health by presenting nutrients from natural veggies and fruits to the body every day. The majority of this is in the form of fresh juice to be taken once every hour, around 13 times in a day.

Presenting large quantities of fresh juices offers the body with generous amounts of minerals, enzymes and nutrients. These break down the body’s dead tissue to be removed as contaminants throughout the coffee enema procedure. As soon as the body is free from damaging toxic substances, the recovery procedure can begin.

Why Coffee Enemas are Used in The Gerson Treatment

The Gerson Therapy relies mainly on coffee enemas for the cleansing of blood and tissues. Cancer clients who are on the Gerson Treatment are accustomed to around five coffee enemas each day. Coffee enemas achieve this critical job, helping the liver in eliminating hazardous residues from the body for good.

The Gerson Therapy diet of juicing and plant-based food assists in releasing contaminants from the body cells to the bloodstream. The process puts the liver under excess tension and not able to cope with the sudden toxin influx on its own.

The caffeine in the coffee improves the liver’s capability to obtain rid of the contaminants, so the cells become nourished once again.

Why coffee?

The primary oxidant common in human cells is Glutathione, which is integrated into the liver. The liver utilises glutathione to neutralise toxins such as alcohol, nicotine and medications.

Glutathione is mostly synthesised in the liver where it is generously present. Coffee consists of Palmitic acid which raises the activity of an enzyme called Glutathione S-Transferase (GST) in the bowel by about 700%. Many buy the equipment and supplies for a Gerson Coffee Enema solely for this benefit alone

The GST enzyme soaks up free radicals and draws them out of the body. Some of the other compounds in the coffee dilates bile ducts and increase bile flow. The bile gets released into the large intestine from where it is evacuated.

The body’s blood supply circulates through the liver every three minutes. During the 12-15 minutes of the coffee enema process, the blood flows four to 5 times and gets cleaned up.

The water content of the coffee stimulates motion of circular and longitudinal muscles in the digestive system. Enemas help in clearing the large intestine where toxic bile has been collected. Another essential benefit of coffee enemas is that it assists in alleviating pain, nervous tension, and depression which is common in clients with a degenerative illness.